Ant Control

Ant Control

Effective ant control relies on knowledge of their foraging and nesting habits. Where a given infestation is being treated, a thorough survey and inspection should be carried out. By following trails – particularly those of workers loaded with food – the location of the nest, either approximately or precisely, may be determined.

Direct treatment of the nest can provide the most effective, long term answer to ant control at your Gibraltar property. Alternatively, the use of chemical barriers that interfere between the nest and possible food sources is often an effective method of ant removal.

Non-chemical methods for ant control and prevention

The state of hygiene and sanitation in and around properties influences the likelihood of ant infestation. Indoors, all areas should be kept free of food particles as typically, surfaces that become contaminated with crumbs and other food particles include kitchen work bench surfaces, shelves and drawers, floors, tables, chairs etc. Feeding utensils should be washed up soon after use and not left unwashed for long periods.

Outdoors, the area should be free of food sources (eg. bones, unclean pet feeding bowls and unrinsed drink bottles and cans. By tolerating sap-sucking plant insects or pests, you may also encourage an infestation of ants to follow so keeping your property as pest-free as possible is of high importance.

Chemical ant control and removal

The effective use of chemicals in ant control in Gibraltar relies on a thorough inspection prior to the application of chemicals. The inspection should attempt to locate nesting sites, feeding sites and the routes of travel between them. Care should be taken when making assumptions about ant nest location.

Once the exact or approximate location of the ant nest(s) is established, ant control procedures may involve:

Direct treatment to the nesting site
This may be accomplished by the application of dusts, residual surface spray type systems where nests are located within the confines of wall voids etc. Such direct treatment may require drilling or other modifications for access.

The formation of residual barriers between nest and food sources
Often it is not possible to treat ant-nesting sites directly. Where this is the case, dust or surface sprays may be applied to those surfaces, cracks and crevices over which the ants travel for food. As ants can be repelled by certain insecticides, and as they can be most resourceful in finding new routes to a food source, it is important that the barrier treatment be a comprehensive one that attempts to isolate the nesting site from food sources.

In broad terms, chemical treatments restricted to the inside of premises may achieve good control if all nesting sites are located indoors. If nesting sites are located outdoors as well, interior treatments alone may be very limited in their effectiveness.

The chemicals used are synthetic pyrethroids, found in applications such as surface sprays, space sprays, dusts and baits depending on the situation of the nest(s) location. For the most comprehensive ant removal Gibraltar has to offer Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control can deliver effective, safe and thorough ant control to your Gibraltar property to safeguard against ant infestations.

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