Cockroach Control

Cockroach control

IF you find your property is suffering from an infestation of pests such as cockroaches, the experts at Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control can offer the most extensive and effective cockroach removal Gibraltar has on offer. Integrating both chemical and non-chemical cockroach control methods, Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control can provide the best cockroach control Gibraltar wide.

Effective pest and cockroach control in and around buildings often relies on:

  • A comprehensive inspection/survey of the building(s)
  • The application of insecticides in a manner that is likely to make contact with the insects
  • Follow up inspection and monitoring (that may involve the use of traps in some situations)

Such a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods of cockroach control usually relies heavily on the cooperation between those in charge of the building concerned and the professional cockroach removal team.

Professional cockroach removal Gibraltar can rely on

The problem of reinfestation at some time after a treatment program is a very real one. One source of reinfestation may be the subsequent hatching of egg cases that were present during the treatment but not directly affected by insecticidal action. Alternatively, reinfestation may arise from untreated adjoining areas.

Where possible, treatments in larger buildings should deal with all sites of infestation during one extended treatment. This makes an initial, extensive survey and thorough inspection of all the areas concerned, necessary.

For the ultimate cockroach control in Gibraltar trust the professionals at Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control to assess, apply and carry out all cockroach removal.

For more information on the expert cockroach removals Gibraltar can depend on from Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control, contact us today.