Silverfish Control

Control of Silverfish

Silverfish can be quite widespread within a dwelling, meaning thorough inspection is an important prerequisite to treatment. The possibility of populations residing in wall cavities can make control more complex and demanding. Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control is the experts in silverfish control in Gibraltar, and offer services for complete removal.

Non-chemical methods of silverfish control

Inspecting incoming goods that may harbour silverfish (eg. Second hand books and boxes from storage areas) may help to avoid infestation. Where possible, books, papers and photos should be stored in light, ventilated conditions to help prevent silverfish infestations. In kitchen areas, tight containment of foods and frequent cleaning of scraps and crumbs help to reduce the suitability of that environment to silverfish.

Chemical Silverfish Control

It is usually necessary to use a combination of treatments to achieve effective levels of silverfish control due to the widespread distribution of silverfish infestations. Where possible, particularly in conditions of poor hygiene, a clean-up prior to insecticide application can be most beneficial.

It is important to hire professionals in silverfish removals when applying chemical treatments to your Gibraltar property as chemicals can prove dangerous in the wrong hands.

Preferred types of insecticide application:

Surface-sprays: Low or non-hazardous chemicals of the synthetic pyrethroid type. Where it is safe to do so, these residual surface sprays should be applied to surfaces on which the silverfish rest or travel.

Mists/fogging/high pressure aerosols: Low or non-hazardous chemicals of the synthetic pyrethroid type. Use of space sprays can be a useful backup to surface spray applications. Applied properly, non-residual insecticides can be distributed in the spaces of a building for silverfish control that may escape treated surface contact.

Dusts: Dry dust formulations can be useful in silverfish control. Often the areas in which silverfish dwell are not suited to wet sprays, dusts applied to surfaces tend to leave a very fine layer, which can give good residual control. Ceiling voids, which often serve for silverfish harbourage, can be safely and efficiently treated with dusts.

It is important to handle all silverfish control in Gibraltar with care, as chemical usage is often involved. Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control is the expert in silverfish removal Gibraltar wide and offer comprehensive silverfish control for all properties.

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