Termite Control

Termite Control

Termites are the dreaded infestation that can ruin entire houses. One of the most common household pests, termite control is best handled by professionals who know exactly how to remove and eradicate all termite activity. Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control is experienced in Gibraltar termite removal, and has extensive knowledge in the best practises for termite control.

Several species of termites nest in the trunks and root crowns of trees, usually becoming apparent in old trees. Treatment requires locating the nest and injecting pesticide directly into the nest area. Enlisting the services of a professional to carry this treatment out is important in ensuring all facets of the treatment are effective, and all termite traces are removed.

Termite removal in Gibraltar households

If you’re suffering a termite infestation at your Gibraltar home, termite removal by Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control is your solution. Offering the best avenues and treatments for complete termite removal in Gibraltar, Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control delivers peace of mind and security to your home.

When applying treatments for termite control in houses, remove contact between the termites and the timber of the house so they cannot continue to feed and nest on the foundations of your home. Also, improve ventilation where applicable to minimise moisture which attracts termites initially, and treat soil access areas with a chemical soil barrier to ward off further termite infestations.

For the most advanced and effective termite removal Gibraltar has available, contact Gibraltar Bug Busters Pest Control and restore your house to the stable and safe environment it should be. Get rid of termites today!